Rosie O'Donnell violated donation limits

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Rosie O'Donnell violated donation limits

Rosie O'Donnell violated donation limits... Multiple times. What seems to be several different excuses are given. If course, nothing happens until someone starts sniffing around.

How many other violators? With computerized donation, mentioned in the story, why is this still possible?

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Thanks to the Citizens United

Thanks to the Citizens United case, O'Donnell did nothing wrong. Money is free speech and she can speak as much as she wants. She's correct that the limits are on how much a campaign can accept from any one person, not how much someone can give. The burden of meeting the law here is clearly with the campaign treasurers and the bundlers like ActBlue

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Limits are a violation of

Limits are a violation of ones freedom in and by themselves.
Add to that term limits.

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What was Dinesh D'Souza

What was Dinesh D'Souza convicted of?

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McCain Feingold remember how this was going to save us all, Susie just loved it. after both she and Mccain are still making nice, him for lesser time, oh well.

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Seems like the pudgy princess

Seems like the pudgy princess of verbal scatology used different names and different addresses for her donations. She is a crook.

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