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We are all familiar with Einstein’s theory of relativity and its representative equation E = mc2. As written it can only be true if you believe someone or something created the universe because written in this fashion E-mc2 = 0 means there is no universe and no something or someone to have created it. Einstein himself probably did not believe it because if he had touted this hypothesis he would have been branded a heretic as other scientists who posited theories that did not conform to the accepted dogma of the time.

Einstein’s problem was he could not at the time reveal the truth even if he knew it because there was no way to test his theory at the time. Unfortunately for Einstein a part of his theory has proven correct as we have discovered how to destroy matter by splitting the atom and creating matter by applying at least a portion of that energy in sufficient concentration at elevated temperatures to convert pure carbon into diamond form. Einstein was still alive when both of these feats were accomplished but merely positing the fact that E-mc2=0 still mystified him or, perhaps not.

What is missing in Einstein’s equation are the two terms that make not only a rational formulation but an explanation of the universe itself. That equation is ET1=mc2T2 where E is energy, m is mass c2 is the constant (the speed of light squared) and T is temperature. In the latter case, it is the temperature of the energy or surrounding space (T1) and the temperature of the physical mass (T2). This equation is not complete either since the element of time must be added, otherwise if T1=T2 subtracting one side from the other still equals 0. Since we have assumed it was something, represented by 1, the equation becomes t(ET1-mc2T2) = 1.

The foregoing presents the problem I believe confronted Einstein in his quest because when T1 =T2 no matter what t is, the sides become unequal. The only feasible explanation is that at some time t as T1 approaches T2 some event must occur that prevents this inequality. That something must either be akin to spontaneous combustion or what is akin to cooling a solution to such a temperature that dissolved portion precipitates out.

The problem is we have now created a theory that cannot be proven completely. We have however come close; first with the atomic bomb, destroying matter by stripping at least one atom from its element and by cooling liquid nitrogen to where all motion seems to halt. Therefore, the only conclusion becomes we still don’t know for sure because we will not be around at time t when T1 approaches T2.

Having left you still handing, maybe by one hand I will leave you hanging at least by two.
∞ = 1 1/∞ = 0
By definition ∞ represents everything. It is the mathematical proof that the universe is circular and has been proven by the fact we know that light bends. Like a lemma, it is true because we say it is.