John F Kerry...dupiicitous liar

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John F Kerry...dupiicitous liar

Every time we look behind at the smartly dressed, polished and educated DC elite, we see maggots under the skin. Kerry is one. He is so infested with Iranians that his push to keep the non-deal is understandable. His daughter married an Iranian national. The best man's, also an Iranian, father is the Iranian Foreign Minister. Apparently none of this was disclosed to Congress when Kerry was confirmed or when he lead the move to negotiate the Iranian nuclear deal. Nobody asked him any questions.

Oh, to add fecal matter to the top of the pile, Kerry joined that viper, George Soros (real name Gyorgy Schwartz) at a wedding celebration dinner at Soros' penthouse.

Kerry is slime.

Kerry the Putz

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"Can I get me a nobel prize

"Can I get me a nobel prize here?"

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