Good on Costco

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Good on Costco

Costco is defying Seattle Liberal/Swine government nannies by publishing the ridiculously high sugar tax on sodas and even telling its customers that if they shop at a Costco outside of Seattle, they won't pay the tax. It is noted in the article that Seattle decided NOT to tax the high sugar coffee drinks of Starbucks and other elite drinkeries. They (the government) are sure they know more than we do and are smarter than we are so they can force us to behave as they deem proper.

A subtle comment in the article is, perhaps, the most alarming...that Costco is "risking the "city fathers wrath..." WTF, have we come to the point that retailers cannot advertise or promote what they want for fear of government?!...Yep!

Suger is Bad

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Have you ever been to Tukwila

Have you ever been to Tukwila? No one is driving to Tukwila for soda (or, "pop" as it's known in the Pacific NW).

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“With the tax four weeks old, our fears are being realized. We call on the city council to address the needs of the community and workers and address this tax,”
Next will be a stamp with police checkpoints at the city limits to make sure you are not smuggling soda, Illegals great, soda bad

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